The state route that runs from Sebastopol in the West to San Andreas in the East, California 12, is more than home for us. It's a starting point, a journey, and a destination.

For years we've wished we could represent our home in Northern California everywhere we go, but what we could find that couples our regional pride with a minimalist aesthetic was limited at best.

California 12 was born to be the source of low-fuss, high-quality, branded lifestyle goods, and our designs are perfect for everyone wanting to showcase their love of NorCal. California 12 helps you look good repping NorCal, and you can feel good knowing your purchase is of social benefit.

California 12 supports land stewardship and preservation efforts all the way from wine country to gold county. We donate a portion of every purchase to local organizations that protect this area we call home. Our goal is for California 12 to become successful enough to support its own foundation - until then, we'll support others with the same mission.


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